How to Fix Error Code 91 Fortnite

If you’ve been annoyed by your Fortnite window crashing every then and now, you’re not alone. Often, the program crashes and leaves a message like “Object variable or with block variable not set”. This is a symptom of runtime error usually accompanied by slow windows performance and screen freezing for a little longer.

While there is no easy test to find out the problem, most of the time it turns out to be caused by defects in variables of the program. DCOMCnfg.exe is also something you should keep on your mind before you start fixing error 91 on your computer.

Runtime Error 91 Fix

Follow these steps one by one to get rid of the annoyance we are facing a problem with. It is recommended to follow these methods in a sequence.

Check with your Antivirus

The first thing is to run a check for the virus because if viruses are causing the trouble, they might be spreading every minute. The best thing is to update your antivirus and then run it and clean the viruses.

Registry Cleaning

By cleaning, I mean getting your registry rid of redundant files and entries, which often leads to defects in settings.

Use a registry cleaner to scan for problems like invalid registry and fix them.

Fix Your Fortnite

Often your Fortnite can grow several defects that can be corrected easily. Fixing your fornite is a two-step process.

Verify Fortnite to Fix Runtime Error

  • Restart your computer for a smooth experience.
  • Open Epic Games Launcher on your computer.
  • Click on the settings icon on the right of the ch button.
  • Click on verify option and verification will begin.
  • It will take about ten minutes to verify.

There is a chance the methods above will work. However, if nothing solves the problem, it’s time to reinstall Fortnite

  • Reinstall Fortnite to Solve Error 91

  • Before you go ahead and install fortnite again on your device, you need to keep a few things on your mind.
  • Use a Powerful Uninstaller

  • It’s important that you get rid of all the redundant files and registries before installing Fortnite again. Using a powerful tool for uninstalling is the way.
  • Reinstall Fortnite

  • Reinstalling can solve many problems including incomplete installation. Install fortnite again on your computer to and see if it works.

Stay Up to date

A very good all-around solution for problems similar to this one is keeping your software updated.

Bug Patches

Check to see if the developer has already released a bug fixing patches for your program. Download the bug patch and let it update.

If there is an option to update it directly from your program, that’s a better option.

Update Windows

Microsoft also releases updates to their operating system that fix issues like this. If problems like error 91 are becoming a pain in the ass, maybe its time for you to update your windows.

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