Month: April 2022

Shopee to shut down operations in India

Sea Ltd’s e-commerce company Shopee is set to pull out of the Indian market just months after the platform joined the country and welcomed sellers. This follows India’s ban on several mobile games including Free Fire from Garena, Sea’s digital entertainment arm, which the Indian government believes has ties to China. However, there are clarifications

How to grow your IG business

Wiringly: How to grow your IG business Nowadays, it would be foolish not to use the different social media platforms to your start-up’s advantage. These platforms are useful for growing businesses as they offer convenience, accessibility and more. One social media platform in particular that businesses use is Instagram or IG for short. Instagram is

Must-have apps you should know about

Without the different apps that you can download, smartphones won’t be as useful as they are today. The biggest mistake that we see people make here in Wiringly is they don’t capitalize on the selection of apps available to them which is a shame considering that most of them are free! To help maximise your

Must-have PC gaming accessories

PC gaming has seen a massive surge in popularity over the past few years. This is because as technology advances, games are becoming more demanding of power and the best platform to provide this is a robust gaming computer. Games played on powerful computers are noticeably smoother since they can run advanced graphics in modern

Best smartphones to buy in 2022

Buying a smartphone in today’s market can be a bit difficult because of the overwhelming amount of choices in the market. These models are offered by different brands and each of them offers a unique experience. However, there are some brands and models that manage to stand out from the crowd thanks to their top-notch