Best Game Controller for PC 2020

Console controls deliver a more realistic gaming experience than what you make of a keyboard and a mouse. Your character might be swaying his sword ruthlessly, cutting the air and whoever comes before him but in the reality, you’ll just be tapping a few buttons up and down without much room for movement. However, using a controller is more exhilarating and certainly more engaging than a keyboard. Purists may feel differently, but games such as Mortal Kombat 11 are only the best with a controller.

Microsoft XBOX One is the best controller by far because of its instantaneous compatibility and its impressive design. Our list includes the top 9 alternatives for Microsoft XBOX One, the controllers that rival the performance and comfort offered by the one from Microsoft at less expensive prices.

Microsoft XBOX One Controller

Best PC Controller

This one is a well-known successor of Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller. Well, Microsoft removed textured cheap-looking, dirt-attracting exterior plastic before releasing Xbox One Controller. The latter is a sleek, slimmer body with a minimal approach. The design had been teased and the final product looks cool enough with spare details and colors less bold.

Comfortable Design and It’s Customizable

The color and a lot many aspects of the controller are customizable. You can change the color of all parts separately. You can choose between plastic and metal for the material of the D-pad and the triggers. There is a rubberized grip for the underside that is optional. And finally, you get to engrave your name on it or anything as long it doesn’t exceed the character limit of 16.


The trademark Xbox asymmetry hadn’t been removed, it’s still there. The triggers have been improved. The sticks are light and more motile. One important addition is the thumb grip. It now contains a concave portion and a very minutely textured ring so you can stop worrying about your thumbs slipping away.

The face buttons have minimal color as only the letters now bear the traditional XBOX colors. The major change shows up in the D-pad. Opposite to what we went through in 360, using the D-pad for secondary actions, it is finally made easy to use in Xbox One. The protrusion has been replaced by a concave depression.

The shoulder buttons and triggers are made wider and more accurate vibration and rumble functionality. Microsoft achieved it by providing them with their motors. It results in a more immersive gaming experience.


Xbox features three ports – a Micro USB, an expansion port, and a 5 mm jack. You can use Micro USB for charging or connecting. You can use the expansion port to connect accessories like chat pads. 5 mm jack is for headsets.

Wiring isn’t the only way to connect Xbox One Controller as it can be connected wireless. Bluetooth for PC, to Xbox you can connect through Xbox wireless, and to anything with required dongles.


Xbox One controller uses two AA batteries for power as it doesn’t come integrated with a battery. Those batteries last long usually, well up to 40 hours. You can also buy a rechargeable battery kit for Microsoft or from third parties.


Xbox One is not compatible with Xbox 360. It works with Xbox One, Xbox One X, and Xbox One S and Windows 10.

About games, it has higher all-around compatibility for games supporting most of the games on PC.


  1. Comfortable design
  2. Solid build
  3. Snappy buttons
  4. Compatible with Most PC games


  1. Few Features
  2. Incompatible with Xbox 360

Best 5 Alternatives to Microsoft Xbox One Controller

Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

Comfort King

The product comes in a softshell that has a built-in charging stand which unfortunately means an irremovable battery but it looks cool standing there charging anyway. More in the box, you get replacements for thumbsticks, a four-way d-pad, four paddles and a small triangular object with the tool for SIM removal.

The textured grips work even on the sweaty fingers and shoulder buttons are now wider. Triggers have a longer travel distance.

Elite Profiles

Now there are a total of three elite profiles. What’s new is a shortcut that enables the game controller to return to the bog-standard. This turns off the bottom triggers. You can go to Xbox accessories and set up your profile being able to map each of the buttons. The buttons have dual functionality, two different functions with and without holding the shift button. That makes eight functions of the four buttons.

What’s in the Box

  • Controller
  • Thumbsticks – 2 standards, 2 classics, 1 tall, 1 wide dome
  • Thumbstick adjustment tool
  • 2 medium paddles, 2 mini paddles
  • D-pad
  • Charging Dock
  • USB C cable


  1. Best in Comfort
  2. Premium and Sleek
  3. Replacements in the Box
  4. High-End Performance


  1. Expensive

Astro C40 TR

High-End Controller

The first thing you notice about Astro C40 is its customizability. You can easily program its two rear inputs. To do it just tap the rear button and then the face button you are choosing to imitate. The front plate is removable; you can change the way D-pad and analog sticks are placed. You have effectively the power to create a different layout.


Astro C40 comes with a premium look. It looks black and sleek with reds at places.  The rear grip is textured lightly and the analog sticks are metal. More about the metal sticks, they have butter smooth motility. It has more than enough buttons and triggers and two rear inputs that can be programmed to imitate front buttons.

Design and Customization

The level of the customization offered is crazy. Starting with sensitivity, you are allowed to lower to a very minute sensitivity. The other customizable parts include equalizer for mic output and sidetone, volume for pad speaker, pad’s rumble and the brightness of LEDs in front.


The performance is premium worthy actually and it gets better with those two extra rear inputs. The trigger stops are very useful because they end up in rapid shooting and firing than the normal ones.


  1. Snappy Buttons
  2. Butter Gliding Sticks
  3. Pro Performance


  1. Stiff D-pad
  2. Expensive

Logitech F310 Gamepad

Down to Earth, Inexpensive and Useful

It was yesterday I saw Logitech on sale at Amazon at just $15. It has been in the market for a while now and that is the reason you would spot online stores selling it off at low prices pretty often. F310 has some aspects that are outdated like the lack of wireless functionality. However, seeing as it made to our top 5 and it is pretty cheap, you should just run out to buy it, I will not even stop you and tell you to read the whole article. How does it cost so less though? Microsoft charges thrice for a similar thing and while twice the cost is understandable considering the wireless capability and the promise of brand’s name, it is quite a curious question how Logitech can provide a console control that rivals the top brands at prices sliced by a quarter.

Design and Comfort

The first thing to start with is the buttons. They are beads like and hard to press. Playing continuously isn’t an option here without compromising on comfort. Your fingers will tire out eventually and ask for some rest. Far from the premium design, F310 is a plastic gadget in your hands. It doesn’t have the best gaming experience. But it doesn’t mean it compromises with the performance.

When you hold the F310 for the first time you might never think of it as durable. It is light and essentially like a plastic toy. I must say it is not built to stand your violent reactions whenever you fail on a mission. However, if you are not prone to smashing or throwing your game controllers in fits of anger, this piece of plastic is going to last while the best console controls will come and go. It will be always there for you, kept aside forgotten at some dark corner of the room for you to use it whenever you have to wait for some time to get a new controller. F310 will just sit back and see a long line of gadgets pass before it for a long, long time.

Gaming Experience

It is lifelike. That is what I say about F310. It has just the right amount of resistance. The triggers aren’t the smoothest and the buttons tire your fingers if you press them for a long time in the same way you cannot carry a gun for a long time continuously. As in real life, you need to take a break before you can go on another mission.

However, D-pad lets you down sometimes. It is not very tight and not very strong. There is a bit more allowance of rotational movement than we can appreciate. First thing you should consider before buying F310 as your primary game controller is if a little frustration would be the path to the broken controller in one hand and D-pad in the other. Well, you can always buy this cheap console control as your backup console control.

It is possible to make it wireless but that will mean spending more money on the dongle. For a wireless console controller, I’d advise you the check the other ones. Go for the game controllers having all the three features of wireless connectivity – Bluetooth, Xbox wireless, and by dongles.


  1. Inexpensive
  2. Light


  1. Not the most durable
  2. Not built-in Wireless
  3. No front Light

Sony Dualshock 4

Best from Sony

Before we jump into what has remained of DS3 and what’s changed, I would like to tell you Dualshock 4 looks amazingly cool when you’re in a game. The front light glows blue in the beginning and changes color according to the console all the while and the game takes on the color too. And it lights up amber while charging!! It looks awesome.

The improvement from Dualshock 3 is improved gyroscopic and accelerometer backed motion control. Dualshock 4 by Sony is a high-end console controller, it needs no specialized software to work on PC and can be easily connected using Bluetooth. DS 4 works the best on PlayStation 4 it is specialized to work on PlayStation.

Slow Track Pad, Poor Battery

The controller can’t be compared to a mouse but a mouse beats Dualshock 4 when it comes to tracking. The trackpad of DS4 isn’t the most responsive. Its latency irritates you some time. That is a shortcoming when you look at the rest of the controller. Even the touchpad works well for weapon modes’ selection. The worst news, however, is battery life. Microsoft Xbox One Controller works more than 30 hours and so did Dualshock 3. But Dualshock has a surprisingly low playtime. It doesn’t last even 10 hours. I am not sure what the company was thinking. This surely is a crack in the castle of glass, a big ugly crack I must say.

Marathon games are thus played very uncomfortably thanks to a micro USB which is only centimeters long in case of PS4. Battery replacement isn’t the option; Sony DS4 battery isn’t meant to be replaced, it will be difficult to find the replacement and then work it out.

More about the shortcomings, options and share buttons need a lot of pressure to press. The PlayStation button is now placed at a better position between the analog sticks which is great. It delivers a fully controlled gaming experience and makes it easier to take breaks.

Comfort and Design

In addition to the beautiful use of front light in Dualshock 4, the design of the controller is ergonomic and comfortable to use. Generally, the buttons are buttery and don’t need very much of mashing down to get your character smashing. The responses by the buttons are quick. However, you need to reach out with your thumb when using the share button that is a bit too far. The style is overall a scale-up when compared to Dualshock 3.

Gaming Experience

It was certainly on the designer’s mind when manufacturing the product to make the gaming experience. You notice that when the front light changes according to the game and you notice it when you hear the built-in speakers in Dualshock 4. The game controller has a built-in speaker and it sounds just fine. It is not a substitute for the audio from your TV or PC but it certainly is an addition to the game sounds from them.


  1. Premium Look
  2. Great Front Light
  3. Built-in Speakers
  4. Comfortable to Use
  5. Wireless


  1. Poor Battery
  2. Track Pad lags

Razer Wolverine Ultimate

Premium Chroma Look

First about the things that are extra and very useful. There are two shoulder buttons, you get interchangeable thumbsticks, the D-pad can be just swapped out and be replaced by a tilting one, and in the back is a set of triggers. That was a set of pretty important stuff Razer decided to give to its user which helps in the gameplay to take on competitive gaming.

Buttons and Triggers

There are two multi functions and 4 triggers. All of them are mappable and you just need to assign the buttons their functions. Great for shooting and firing at a great pace, the hair-trigger mode comes handy and there are buttons to switch actions. The experience with Wolverine Ultimate is known as slippery when it comes to the rubber grip.
And a quick control panel is always there, ready to serve you.

Lighting and Design

This game controller is probably known for its damn cool look. The product features Chroma lighting and there are millions of color options. The lighted button and the overall black look makes Wolverine Ultimate look as close to a game controller as it can be. It is stylish and that doesn’t mean it compromised with comfort anywhere. It feels good to use.

Gaming Experience

Once you start the game, it’s a smooth and beautiful experience ahead. It doesn’t slip off, it responses pretty fine, the analog sticks work great, and you would most probably using your favorite D-pad of the two options – traditional or the other. The D-pad bears direction arrows – up to you to use them. Before you play a fast-paced shooting game, just increase the sensitivity of the trigger and you’re all set. Don’t forget the additional keys. There are six in total, beneath the controller and in the bumps – you just need to program them.

Is Razer Wolverine Ultimate Worth Buying?

It is expensive, but is it worth it? I have to say this is the best controller with all-around performance. It has the perks of most of the console controllers such as customizability, comfort, premium look, several color options, and replacements in the box. As it does costs you what you can use to buy two Xbox One controllers, thinking about the replacements will be giving in to the Razer’s game. The truth is, with that money you can go out and buy a high-end game controller and when you need to, you can buy another. It is too pricey and the lack of wireless support in such an expensive game controller is just confusing.

Well, if you are ready to invest big bucks on a game controller once, Razer Wolverine Ultimate is a good option. Replacements make sure it stays new and working for a long time and customizability will keep you from getting bored to some extent. And don’t forget some perks that other manufactures don’t give you.


  1. Specialized for PC and XBOX
  2. 16.8M fully Programmable RGB lighting
  3. Remappable Buttons
  4. High Customizability


  1. Lack of Wireless Support


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