Best Health Lifestyle Apps 2020

Keeping healthy and fit is not a magical thing, it doesn’t require calorie level precision. It’s not rocket science, it’s more of old school stuff. One needs to give time to his body and mind, eat properly, eat healthy and nutritious food, stay hydrated and keep active like workout or play your favorite sports.

Wait did I just say we need to give time to ourselves? That would be an ideal case scenario, I mean who wouldn’t want to take care of themselves only if they can afford to? It is a fast world, too fast often to look back at someone who just passed. Technology has a big role in the making of the world we live in today. Even we are alone we are never actually alone. Our smartphones are a good distraction. It happens very often that we fail to give no time to our health for the whole day. The days pass by just like that and inconsistency becomes a lifestyle hurdle in applying them to our everyday routine.

A way around this taking the help of the very technology. Your smartphone has the power to keep reminding you, keep you motivated and active just like a personal trainer. Healthy lifestyle apps had been here for a while now. Today there is a number of them, getting better every day. Of all the health and lifestyle apps designed to keep you fit and healthy, we have selected the best ones.

Some of you want to know What are good health apps? or What is the best health tracker app? or What is a lifestyle app? or What are wellness apps? etc… you will get all this information in this article.

In this article, we are going to talk about the top health apps for mobile applications that you can utilize to replace the need for an expensive gym membership, a personal trainer or equipment that can cost you great bucks. Some of them are free like fooducate ltd., myfitnesspal health apps, fabulous: self-care, habitable app, google fit android, health headspace while others paid. We will take a look at the key features of such apps to make sure your money is put to good use. All of that in an article readable in three minutes.

1.      Youper – Emotional Health

Android, iOS

“A nice, innovative app.”

A confidante by your side. Few essential apps for healthy lifestyle change your body and mind. This app comes with an innovative perspective to calm your mind. Youper Healthy living app is for taking care of mental health. The app uses an AI-backed quick conversation technique to help you introspect. It has been designed by a team of scientists and doctors in the leadership of Dr. Jose Hamilton. The app is really helpful; its scope is quite wide. Youper can help you with understanding yourself, and better emotional health by overcoming stress and anxiety. Quick conversations can also help you to sort out your thoughts. I, personally, had a tiring habit of overthinking.

How Does It Work?

There are moments in the day when you can’t focus and feel like you can use a talk with someone to clear your head. A quick conversation in Youper can save a day you might have wasted.

When you are not in a mood to talk, you can incorporate mindfulness.

I tend to pin it down and it makes me feel better. Youper, however, makes it easier. In this app, you can create a journal of your own effortlessly.

You can also opt to take a personality test.

Price: Freemium

Key Features

  • Quick Conversations
  • Personality Test
  • Effortless Journal
  • Google Fit Compatible


  • Only for Mental Health

2.      Health Pal – Fitness, Weight loss coach, Pedometer

A good app for physical health. This is what I was talking about when I said you don’t need expensive gym memberships or equipment. This app is built you a healthy lifestyle conditioned you to keep acting per the notifications.

If you want to lose weight, a pedometer is what you’ll be using a lot. The steps count is recorded in real-time or you can log them on manually. The pedometer in the app is quite good, it has statistics and graphs, real-time walking speed calculator, and output in the form of calories burned.

The app reminds you to drink water every hour, quite a good thing. They tell you to drink a lot of water to keep fit, don’t they? Eating on time is important. Health Pal also gives you notifications for taking breakfast and dinner. All notifications are customizable and you can turn off the ones you don’t need.

It is also built to gain weight and build muscles. The workout plans in the app don’t need special equipment. It uses stuff available like a bed or door to make gym-quality exercises. However, that doesn’t make them easy. I remember hating a pushup I had to do using the bed a year ago.

How does it work?

There is a pedometer to help burn calories through walking.

You get notifications to take water and when it’s time for a meal.

The app is specialized if you choose to workout at home without any equipment.

Good statistics and tracking for diet, water intake, weight loss, and daily goals.

Price: Free, Contains in-app Purchases

Key Features

  • Pedometer
  • Water Intake and Diet Reminders
  • Tracker
  • A lot of Food items in Options
  • Home Workout Plans
  • Health Calculator for Blood pressure, body fat and body weight, etc.


  • Lacks Motivation Factor
  • No Tracker for Outdoor Sports
  • No Community to Exercise Together

3.      Samsung Health

This app is more than just a fitness tracking app. The addition here over other apps is its capability to track even the outdoor sports and physical exercises.

Starting with your intake, you can enter the meals, water, caffeine and snacks that you take to be guided for a healthy lifestyle pattern and tracking weight. However, the app is not specialized to help you with working out at home.

The app has this playful feature of competing with your friends that makes keeping fit fun. However, this feature is not available when using the Samsung Health app on iPhone.

How does it work?

  • You can track your walk, physical exercises, and outdoor sports.
  • To keep track of your body weight and lifestyle pattern you’ll have to input your food and water intake.
  • In selected countries, you can contact professionals for healthy tips.
  • Samsung health Profile and compete with your friends using the same app.
  • The app is available in 70 languages.

Price: Free

Key Features

  • Track Outdoor Activities
  • Can link MyFitnessPal and other apps to Samsung Health
  • Compete with your friends
  • Track Food and Water Intake, Lose Weight


  • Not specialized for Home Workout
  • iPhone version needs you to buy a Samsung Fitness Band or Smartwatch

4.      Health & Fitness Tracker with Calorie Counter

I’d call Calorie Counter app a full package for physical fitness via a smartphone app. Yeah, this is no home workout app to build great muscles, if you want an app specialized for working out at home, please scroll down. However, this app has all you need to keep fit, squats, and push-ups to make you strong. You do not need external hardware to use the app.

There are more than 100 trackable activities like exercises and workouts. The app gives you the info of calories burned after every activity. It kind of motivates you to do one extra set. Give the app permission to use GPS if you will be using it for GPS based activities. It will calculate distance, calories burned, etc.

I don’t know if one needs it, but if you want to give it a try there is an automated sleep tracker.

Yes, you can enable reminders to take food, water, and medications.

How does it work?

  • You can track your body weight and body fat, calories burned
  • You can track a lot of activities and workouts.
  • You get reminders for taking food, water, and pills
  • Your trainer for workouts and exercises
  • Built-in BPI tracker

Price: Free

Key Features

  • Track More than a Hundred Activities
  • Need no External Hardware
  • Connect to Google Fit
  • Track Calories and Diet
  • Diet and Water Reminders
  • Real Personal Trainer
  • Workout Challenges


  • Not exactly gym level workout at home

5.      Health Diet Foods Fitness Help


This app is a bit different. It is not exactly to lose weight and make muscles. Health Diet Foods Fitness Help is your granny at home advising you to stay healthy and fixing your little ailments with home remedies. The app covers a wide range from beautiful skin to anemia care. When you want to, in the app, you can contact the dietician and consult them.

This app is not built for a home workout. The app has tips to live a better, healthier life and keep a radiant, throbbing body.

How does it work?

  • If you’re worried that you have a disease check the symptoms.
  • The app is specialized for taking care in case of anemia, diabetes.
  • It can be used to get skincare, etc. advises.
  • The app also contains help for serious diseases like diabetes, Renal disease, stone, and thyroid.

Price: Free

Key Features

  • Anemia and Diabetes Care
  • Metabolism tips
  • Home Remedies
  • Herbal Tips
  • Beautiful Skin, Hair, etc. tips
  • Pregnancy Tips
  • General Fitness and Weight gain and lose
  • Kidney disease, Stone, Thyroid and Heart Care
  • Contact Dietician


  • Not Specialized for Home Workout


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