Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Review


Call of Duty Infinite Warfare had been out for a while. A first-person shooter game available on Windows, XBOX, and PlayStation 4, it is a video game you get to hear a lot about. That doesn’t mean however that you should blindly buy it up. One of the things you should consider is that Call of Duty has been developed very firmly, it isn’t what you’ll call flexible. The developer had been very bold in expressing his opinions on what is more important in a war.

Expecting from a game of Call of Duty franchise, the graphics aren’t a problem. The most common complaint from the users, that makes it heard loud as thousands of them took the trouble to write the review, is that Infinity War is a lacking remastered version of Call of Duty Black Ops 3.  While it is not sure if Call of Duty lacks inspiration or the company had been very much impressed by futuristic warfare, a lot of users had been disappointed who bought a new game to play a NEW GAME. This makes sense since the Modern War and Black Ops are still salient things to play, only a little outdated.

However, if you’re in love with a futuristic first-person shooter, you’re the one maybe they designed this game for. Closer to science fiction, better weaponry, upgraded war environments, they throw you into space this time. You’re not fighting in cities on the planet anymore, and the campaigns are a great consolation to anyone who had to play Call of Duty Ghosts. A lot has been retained including the sense of humanity resonant in Call of Duty games.

The story lets you be the hero you see in movies. You are a man of honor and loyalty to your crew. You have many hundred crew members to take care of after you came in possession of a ship. The close teammates have their existence making the story more real. Your partner Salt is strong witted and likable, Sergeant Omar a spoilt badass. Ethan is a fast, quick-witted, AI robot that is essentially the lightheaded contrast to the intense missions and urgency of the story of humanity at stake.

What can recurrently break your movielike experience is Call of Duty’s old way of narration. The computer characters shoot orders at you which is kind of slow-paced and guaranteed to annoy you at some point in the game. True you will be too busy admiring the cinematic moments the first time you play a chapter, the second time you’ll wait for it to get over, and if you have to do it again, you can find yourself hoping that such intrusive videos in the game just didn’t exist.

The highlight of the game is the zero-gravity moments. Chances are you might get frustrated by the lack of control you otherwise get in the solid ground, though it surely something to experience. Choices take a bigger take as the weapons come loaded with alternative modes. The good news is that the developer expects you to be creative and innovative, a good juxtapose to the bloody scenes and space environment. Anti-gravity grenades, spider bots and weapon crafting are useful additions. The multiplayer campaigns are better!! Finally!!

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is not the best thing present today, after more than two years of its release, better alternatives at lower prices have come out. Halo, Overwatch, Half-Life 2, etc. are better in many ways. It doesn’t bring out revolutionary, new, concepts and many parts appear a pale imitation of some games. But it redesigns everything in an integral story and futuristic environments.

There are reasons, however, that you will still find yourself checking out Infinity Warfare. You might want to be everyone’s favorite Nick Reyes or you would just play a game with science fiction concept, far from outdated fights and intense machinery. All in all, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is worth giving a go.


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