How to fix Roblox Error Code 279 ?


I want to play roblox but it disconnect me.. It says “ID=17: Connection Attempt Failed Error Code = 279” But i can watch youtube with the same wifi?!! I can be googling, i can watch yt, but i can’t play roblox?!! HOW DO I FIX THIS?!

Since it starts in 2005, Roblox has become a widespread platform for gaming and is available on PC, XBOX, and android. It might be no surprise that many of you might be planning to dive into another Roblox game the next hour. However, some errors can keep you from that.

Error code 279 is when the game can’t connect to a server. You might be able to watch movies with the same internet connection, but the Roblox returns “Connection attempt failed” and followed by “Error Code = 279“.

A few things can be causing this problem:

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Bad Internet Connection

Roblox might be unable to connect to the game server if your internet connection is slow. In this case, the game takes longer to load and end up in this error. A faster internet connection can solve the problem.

It might be due to unstable internet issues. Try resetting your internet connection.

Fix  Connect Error 279 Roblox

why is roblox not working

 Disable Windows FireWall

If the Windows Firewall is on, it can block Roblox from connecting. You’ve to allow Roblox the connection it needs via Windows Firewall.

  • Open Windows Firewall
  • Turn off Windows Defender Firewall for both public and private sections.

Open Forwarding Ports

If you’re not forwarding ports, you may be facing error 279. For the game to work, you will have to open some ports.

Roblox XBOX Ports

  • UDP 4500, 3544, 3074, 500, 88
  • TCP 3074

Roblox PC Ports

UDP 49152 to 65535

  • Login with the admin account in your router and go to the forwarding category.
  • Enter your console’s IP address and then TCP or UDP ports.
  • Reboot the router.

Check Your Browser

Sometimes, people find it easier to use Roblox directly on their web browser instead of downloading it. In this scenario, you have to be sure if your browser supports your game.

You can check the list online to know the browsers supported by Roblox.

Check Browser Add Ons

However, if your browser is in the list of the approved, the next thing you can try is inspecting the add ons you have placed on your browser. Some add ons like adblockers might be interfering with your game, causing it unable to load.

Third-Party Antivirus

Just like the add ons on the browsers, these third party antivirus can resultantly block some connections of your game on your PC or console. I’d recommend turning off these kinds of antivirus.

Reinstall Roblox Launcher

If none of the above works out, our only chance will be to uninstall the Roblox launcher and install it again.

Please follow these steps:

  • Open Control Panel.
  • Go to Programs and then Uninstall programs.
  • Uninstall Roblox Launcher and Roblox game.
  • Install the game from the official site.

Good Luck!

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