[Fix] Windows Update Error 80244010

Most of the time Windows is set to update automatically. However, the system may encounter errors resulted from defected settings or files that had been modified. We are going to talk about an error preventing windows from updating and see the few methods to fix it.

Error 80244010

One of the errors is error 80244010. It is characterized by messages saying Windows couldn’t check for updates. The error returns the above error code most of the time.

How to Fix Error Code 80244010

This error can be related to the internet connection and/or the settings involved in the process of updating. We’ll start with the internet connection and move on to troubleshooting the problem on the computer.

#Method 1

Try this, if you’re laptop or PC is connected to the internet via a router or WiFi, disconnect it and connect it directly to the modem via an ethernet cable. Get a LAN cable maybe, if you’ve originally connected your PC to the router, the router which is connected with the modem.

Now check if it solves the problem, check if the window starts updating. You might be in luck, otherwise, let’s go ahead and try method 2.

#Method 2

If the above method didn’t solve the problem, it is time to run the troubleshooter and let Windows fix it itself.

  • Click on the start button to open the start menu.
  • You’d see a gear icon, which is settings, click on it.
  • Scroll down the settings to find update security. Open it.
  • On the left side, there should be a list. Troubleshoot, that is what you need to look for in the list.
  • Click on the troubleshoot option to get another list on the right side.
  • Do you see the windows update?
  • Written below it you might see “resolve problems that prevent you from updating windows”
    Click on it.

Now run the troubleshooter.
This will take some time and fix some common problems related to the issue. Now restart your computer and see the results.

Hopefully, the issue has been fixed by now. But if it’s just a bad hair day for you, don’t give up yet.

#Method 3

Now, we are going to take the matter in our hands and solve it manually. Hell yeah!

  • Open the start button
  • Search for file explorer and open it.
  • Go to my computer option or This PC, our aim is to open system drive which is Local Disk C most of the cases.
  • Double click and open local disk C.
  • Double click the folder named windows and open it.
  • You’ll find SoftwareDistribution if you scroll down. Click on it.
  • Double click Download folder and open it. You’d see cache folders with random names. Now leave that window like that.
  • Open the search bar in the start menu and type services.
  • You’ll see something like ‘services, the desktop app’.
  • A window will open up to list all the services when you click that app icon.
  • Scroll down and click on windows update services.
  • If the service is already started, make sure to click on the stop button to change the status to stop.
  • After you’ve ensured that you did stop the mentioned service, delete whatever was that on the window we talked about earlier.
  • When the deletion is in process, checkbox anything that needs administrative permission and skips those files.
  • Once done, reboot your computer.

Enjoy the fruits of your efforts!!

There, my friend, you’ve put a lot of work to solve that problem. If the issue persists, contact the helpline.


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