How to Grow Your Instagram Business Account?

After several years of when it rolled out, Instagram is now one of the largest social media.  All the big brands make it a point to connect to their audience on Instagram. If you’re not using the social giant which is now owned by Facebook, you should be. Instagram lets you create a personal profile, a creator profile and a business profile. The business profile is for the business and brands to sponsor, promote and highlight their products.

However, just being on Instagram doesn’t get you, followers. Just posting your products doesn’t ensure they will be bought by many. It takes the right steps and a few tricks to grow your business account.

What is the difference between a personal profile and Instagram business Account?

The key difference is that in a business account you get Insights, features such as contact information, Instagram Ads, etc. It is possible to have a personal profile to manage your brand. But it is better to do that in a business account on Instagram.

How Does It Work?

  • Over 500M users browse Instagram every other day.
  • People share more than 100 million pictures and photos and videos every day.
  • That amounts to one picture or video every 5 users if he just sees one post in a day. However, on average we browse through some 10 posts.
  • If it were just posting media on Instagram, your every post should be getting only a hundred to two hundred views and a lesser number of likes and the least shares or clicks.
  • If you are trying to sell products on Instagram, that would mean per every post you get less than five users to check out the product by opening the link you shared in the post.
  • However, the good news is that there is a lot you can do to increase your reach and audience on Instagram more than 10 times.

Instagram Business Account Cost

Is Instagram Business Account Cost?

The fact is that it is free of cost to make an account on Instagram be it a personal account, a creator account or a business account. Instagram Business account is free. However, just making a business account is like making a website without ranking it on Google.

How Much Does Instagram Cost?

Promoting your products and Instagram campaigns should cost you between 30 cents and $2 for every click. CPM basis, cost per mile basis, will cost you about $5 for every 1000 visitors. We have information from a survey by Marketing Land. It found that CTR (Click Through Rate) was 0.8 percent while it is 0.6 percent on Facebook. On Instagram, CPM was $5.14 and it $5.12 on Facebook, which is quite similar. However, the major difference was in the CPC of the two. CPC for Instagram was 0.20$ smaller than of Facebook.

Instagram Business Account Benefits

As Instagram got stronger and it saw greater engagements than on Facebook Pages, people had been switching from personal profile to Instagram business account. Instagram is beautifully laid out, it enables more attention for the visual stuff and consequently highlights the product or the service.

Once you convert to an Instagram business account:

  • You’ll be not able to make your posts private. You lose access to a private account.
  • You will not be able to link to multiple Facebook profiles. Instagram Business account requires you to connect to a Facebook page. However, you can post it on the Facebook page while you’re posting it on Instagram, simultaneously.


What are the advantages of an Instagram Business Account?

  1. Instagram Insights

An Instagram business account gives all the necessary information in the form of Instagram insights. In Instagram insights every week you get the figures for profile views, change in followers, numbers of posts, posts reach, clicks, and impression.

It further gives you data that help you look into your content and find what works for your brand. Instagram shows the demographics of your followers such as their gender, how old they are, their locations and activity.

For up to two years, you can set the time over which you want to compare, you get to see your most historical posts according to the engagements and impression.

  1. Show your Industry and Category

When you switch to a business account, you are asked to provide the category your business account falls in. This helps the audience get a clear idea about your history and enhances communication with them.

  1. Advertisements and Promoted Posts

You need to connect your Facebook page to your business Instagram account. Facebook lets you create ads and there are options you can place them on, one of them being Instagram. This option needs you to spend money, but hey, you’re trying to do business here. Isn’t business all about investing in the right place?

  1. Add Buttons for Contacting You

Alongside the button to follow you, you can now feature a contact button provided you are using a business account. If you’re not, make it a point to switch to a business Instagram account ASAP. It is a very grateful addition; it means your potential clients will not have to search for your contact details. You are making it easier for them to contact you.

  1. Clickable Links in Instagram Stories

You cannot add a clickable link in Instagram stories in a personal profile. You cannot add a clickable link in just any business Instagram account. Your business account on Instagram must have at least 10,000 followers to be eligible for this feature. But it has to be a business account first. So, here is one more good reason to get the Instagram business account.

Instagram Business Account Category

Your Business category is displayed near Instagram bio. It is a type of insight for your visitors into the type of business you have.

Can You Change Instagram Business Category?

  1. Go to Edit Profile.
  2. You’ll see Business Category. Here you can change your Instagram Business Category. Additionally, you can also change the Facebook page your Instagram account is connected to and the Contact information.

How do I Choose a Category on Instagram?

When you switch to a Business Instagram Account, you are asked to choose a category.

You can edit your category anytime. Go to Edit Profile and Tap on Business category. Choose from the categories such as Brands and Products, Sports, Books, and Magazines, etc.

How to Attract a Target Audience On Instagram?

You should start with a category to describe your business industry. Now, when posting the hashtags, you choose it will help you target the audience. Targeting the audience is very important because your post should reach the users who deem your material useful.

What are the Business Categories you can choose on Instagram Business Account?




Amateur Sports Team

Apartment & Condo Building

Appliance Repair Service

App Page

Architectural Designer



Arts & Entertainment


Automotive Repair Shop



Baby & Children’s Clothing Store

Baby Goods/Kids Goods


Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal Care

Beauty Salon


Business Center

Business Service




Canoe & Kayak Rental

Chicken Joint

Church of Christ

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Clothing (Brand)

Clothing Store

College & University

Commercial & Industrial

Commercial & Industrial Equipment Supplier

Commercial Bank

Commercial Equipment

Commercial Real Estate Agency

Commercial Truck Dealership


Community Organization

Consulting Agency


Convenience Store

Credit Union






Design & Fashion

Dessert Shop

Discount Store




E-Cigarette Store

E-commerce Website


Engineering Service

Entertainment Website






Family Style Restaurant

Fashion Designer

Fashion Model

Fast Food Restaurant

Financial Service

Food & Beverage

Food Stand

Footwear Store





Gaming Video Creator

Government Organization

Graphic Designer

Grocery Store



Hardware Store


Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning Service

Home Decor

Home Improvement



Hotel & Lodging



Ice Cream Shop

In-Home Service

Industrial Company

Information Technology Company

Insurance Company

Interior Design Studio

Internet Company

Internet Marketing Service



Japanese Restaurant

Jazz & Blues Club


Jewelry & Watches Company


Just For Fun





Kitchen & Bath Contractor


Korean Restaurant



Landmark & Historical Place

Lawyer & Law Firm


Loan Service

Local Service

Lumber Yard



Marketing Agency


Media/News Company

Medical Center

Medical School

Men’s Clothing Store

Mental Health Service



Music Lessons & Instruction School

Music Video




News & Media Website


Nonprofit Organization

Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)

Not a Business

Nursing Agency



Obstetrician-Gynecologist (OBGYN)

Office Equipment Store

Office Supplies



Outdoor & Sporting Goods Company



Personal Blog

Petting Zoo



Public & Government Service

Public Figure

Public Utility Company






Real Estate

Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Appraiser

Real Estate Company

Real Estate Developer

Record Label

Religious Center

Religious Organization



Retail Bank




Science, Technology & Engineering

Shopping & Retail

Shopping District

Shopping Mall

Smoothie & Juice Bar


Specialty School

Sports & Recreation

Sports League

Sports Team



Teens & Kids Website

Telemarketing Service

Tire Dealer & Repair Shop

Trade School

Traffic School

Train Station


TV Channel

TV Network

TV Show



Udon Restaurant

Ukrainian Restaurant

Unagi Restaurant

Uniform Supplier

Urban Farm



Vacation Home Rental


Video Creator

Video Game

Visual Arts



Web Designer


Wedding Planning Service


Women’s Clothing Store

Women’s Health Clinic




Xinjiang Restaurant



Yakiniku Restaurant

Yakitori Restaurant

Yoga Studio

Yoshoku Restaurant

Youth Organization



Zhejiang Restaurant




Instagram Business Ideas

Instagram Business account is a good place to start. If you have not decided on what your business would be, here are some Business Ideas. We researched to include the best 40 Business Ideas for you.


40 Best Instagram Business Ideas

  1. Product Reviews
  2. Instagram Manager
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. E-Commerce Seller
  5. Digital Store
  6. Stock Photographer
  7. Event Photographer
  8. Portrait Photographer
  9. Product Photographer
  10. Stylist
  11. Fashion Blogger
  12. Instagram Blogger
  13. Printed Products
  14. Personal Stylist
  15. Do It Yourself Advisor
  16. Food Blogger
  17. Makeup Artist
  18. Handmade
  19. Travel Blogger
  20. Lifestyle Blogger
  21. Graphic Designer
  22. Illustrator
  23. Portrait Artist
  24. Infographic Designer
  25. Videographer
  26. Lettering Service
  27. Animator
  28. Magician
  29. Musician
  30. Comedian
  31. Second-hand Products
  32. Brand
  33. Pet Care
  34. Speaker
  35. Webinars and Seminars
  36. Live Event Promoter
  37. Meme
  38. Consultant
  39. Life Coach
  40. Fitness Coach
  41. Online Courses

Instagram Business Growth

Can you grow your business on Instagram?

Yes, it is a very good idea to grow your business on Instagram. Instagram Business account comes with tools and connecting it with a Facebook Page, using Facebook Ads and campaigns is a sure way to take your business to new heights. It is totally meaningful to spend your time and energy in growing your business account because it has a direct impact on your Business.

Why is my Instagram growing so slowly?

Only being on Instagram or posting a few posts in a week doesn’t work. The reasons your Instagram is growing so slowly might be less activity and not targeting your audience properly. To grow your Instagram and be able to reach more users, you need to be active on it, post more frequently and use suitable hashtags to start with. You can consider paying for promotions and advertisements. That is a fast way to grow your Instagram.

10 Ways to Grow Your Small Business with Instagram

1.       Use Suitable Hashtags

The first thing you should do after making a business Instagram account and setting up your category is to get familiar with Instagram hashtags. You probably know how important it is to hashtag your posts. However, work on choosing suitable hashtags with high popularity and appropriate for your niche and audience. A little research and monitoring your account over time will teach you to master the use of hashtags.

2.       Connect to Other Social Media

The way to expand your business is to be available everywhere you would like to be. You should channel in your clients from Twitter, from Facebook, Tumbler, LinkedIn, etc. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to do five times more work if you’re using five social platforms. Simply connect your Instagram Business Account to your Twitter, Facebook Page, Tumbler, Twitter, etc. and when posting enables sharing to them. Amazing right?

3.       Visual Impact

Do you know why more people like Instagram every morning than Facebook? It is because of the user interface in the apps. In simple terms, Instagram looks more appealing than Facebook does. The layout of Instagram is designed to emphasize the visual part. So make sure to advertise your brands and products with the best pictures every other day. Make these pictures relatable like a sunset on the beach.

4.       Connect to People

Be active on Instagram. Growing your business is via growing your networks. If your followers are strangers in beginning and stranger to you always, do you expect them to bring you more clients? They should feel closer to you. Make it a habit to reply to comments. The aim is to connect to a greater number of people.

5.       Videos

If you are trying to sell a product or provide a service upload more videos that lets your visitors understand more about your business. Use the videos to make great impressions and captivate your clients’ attention. Highlight the good things about your products, services, and brands.

6.       Instagram Stories – Engage Your Audience

First, upload Instagram stories every day. Second, talk to your audience on Instagram stories. Use polls, questions, etc. to engage with your followers. When a visitor comes across your profile, a story gives them the impression of a very active account. They make it a mental note to follow you or follow you right away if your story catches their attention. Congrats, you just made it into a potential client’s Instagram feed.

Once you make it to 10K followers, you can place clickable links on Instagram stories. Just get your followers to open that link and you’re half done.

7.       Influencer Marketing

Make a list of best influencers in your region in your business niche. The tips on choosing the most engaging public figures are by checking the number of likes and comments on the recent posts. You will need to spend time and money on this one. Make it to your influencers and tell them you’d like to work together with them.

8.       Instagram Ads & Facebook Ads

This is the easiest way to promote your business on Instagram that works. However, it costs a bit but the truth is it is worth every dollar it may cost. Instagram Ads, connecting your Instagram account to a Facebook page and Facebook Ads is something you’ll have to pay back on if you don’t want to be left behind leave alone making it to the top.

9.       Contests and Campaigns

Engage your audience on Instagram to the next level. Organize contests on Instagram; prizes for public and fame and fortune for you. Instagram is the place to launch campaigns. Use great visuals to make your campaigns high reaching.

10.   Compete and Collaborate

Of course, you have close competitors in your business niche and the same region. Keeping it healthy is not only necessary for the sake of keeping it healthy but this will also help your business. Collaborate with your competitors and use their audience to sell your services and products.

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