How to Delete Yourself From the Internet

It’s normal for us to start our life afresh and a new beginning is not limited to a New Year Day Morning. We make some mistakes in the past that we regret or there is something we don’t like about your history. A new beginning is incomplete if we don’t take care of our online presence since the social media and websites we use, the internet more precisely is a great part of our everyday life. We may not want to take that burden everywhere.

hide my identity from the internet is a little difficult since we use so many websites and it is impossible to keep track of every one of them. Who remembers where did you buy a pink dress seeing a flat 50% off sale from?

But if we go through one by one through some certain steps, we can effectively wipe us out from the net.

Let me make it simple for you. Here are the simple steps to deleting yourself from the internet.

Search Yourself in Google and Bing

The way to start is by getting an idea of what others can see about you.

Search yourself in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If you see many individuals with the same name use filters and include your city or country. Our campaign for deleting our internet presence can start right here. Make a note of the websites and media you are in and start deleting them.

Contact Google – Ask them to Remove Your Personal Information

is you wanna hide your identity Google can help you here. It is possible to get Google to remove your personal information removed from Google search results. Regardless of where you live, you can request Google to remove the information that is outdated or incorrect.

Google Search Results Removal Application Form

For European citizens, it is easier. Click here to open the application form for removal.

Delete Social Media Accounts

There are numerous social media platforms and gaming websites we come across every day. While it is not possible to memorize all of them because it doesn’t take two minutes or second thoughts and we end up being signed up for one more profile and who takes a note honestly, it is a good approach to ransack your brain and now note down all the websites you know you have used. Start with the popular gaming platforms and social media.

Take a backup of the files and pictures important to you. Now delete your profiles on those social media and gaming platforms. It is worth noting though, that often such websites don’t allow deleting your account from the mobile app and it can be tricky.

If you have trouble deleting your social media account, we have made a simple help guide for you here. Help yourself.

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Bury Websites, Blogs

If you happen to write a blog or website, consider deleting them. You can keep the data, and backup your content. There is something you need to ask yourself. Do you think those websites or blogs are important? If you don’t want to get rid of the blog but still it is necessary to start it new, make a blogging account or website that you want to use from then onwards and import your blog or website there. However, If you simply want to delete everything,  you don’t need to worry about creating a new website.

Delete Yourself from Data Brokers

These are popularly known as data collection sites. They keep information on you and make a profit from it. Examples are Spokeo, People Finder, etc.

The trick is to handle one website at a time. Search yourself there. That can be a little overwhelming. Stick with us, we have a solution for it too.

Cancel Your Subscriptions and Delete Profiles

Become anonymous with the help of following steps:

I take it that you have thought this through and made up your mind because deleting yourself like this isn’t possible without canceling all subscriptions and some of them you paid big bucks for.

Google and Microsoft Profile

Delete your Google account and Microsoft account. This is an easy hack to delete all the services provided by the two internet giants. For instance, deleting your Google account essentially means you delete all the data and the service associated with YouTube, Google Docs, Google Drive, and so on.

Dating Profile

Buddy, don’t you want to be always available on the dating site so that new people can find you? I’m joking. It would be annoying if you get to know somebody has been messaging you there all the while and got the impression that you are too busy to answer (and that would have made you appear a little rude) while you don’t use that profile anymore.

Don’t forget to delete your profile from the dating websites and apps.

Shopping Accounts

That might hurt a little because older shopping accounts often get good offers and extra credits from some loyalty programs.

Try to remember all the shopping websites you have used even if you used them only once to enjoy the first purchase off. Remove your card and payment information from them. It’s very important to protect yourself from any future robbery where the hackers got your personal information from these online shopping services. If you don’t use them anymore, why take a risk right?

Escape from Undeletable Accounts

Truth time; some websites don’t let you delete your account permanently, at least not without making it difficult. If you come across such a problem, a way around this is to delete all your pictures and data from there, change the username and profile name, whatever you can do something stupid. Like change the username to usernolongerexists007 and if allowed, deactivate your account.

Delete Your Email Account

If you decide you’re not going, use an email address any more you don’t want people to keep sending you important messages there. Delete your email in Google, Zoho, Hotmail or Outlook, etc. Consider taking backups and exporting the contact lists before that.

Third-Party Apps For Deleting Yourself From the Internet

There are third-party apps for doing this on behalf of you, but they do it on behalf of you. Point is, they ask the permission to the very private stuff like the login to your email account. The process involves sweeping through all the emails and services linked to find the traces of all the websites and applications you have ever signed up for.

In an interview with the Telegraph, the maker of told them the program is designed to run on the user’s computer instead of’s server ensuring us of the importance they give to the privacy. uses Google’s security protocol named OAuth. If we take their word for it, they are not meant to store any info of yours.

After lists down almost all the accounts and profile you have enrolled for, it shows a direct remove link to remove them. If you feel comfortable using a third party software for removing yourself from the internet, they make your work very easy for sure.

Get a Professional Help

Delete me : Keeping accounts you don’t use is absolutely risky and if you believe that people might want to hack into your personal information, use your data to spam you, make a profit from it or even harm you in some cases, you need to consider getting someone professional to do this job. It can be a friend or relative that you trust and if you hire someone new, make sure to have an idea of the integrity of the individual or group before you handle them your online identity.

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