How To Work Freelance In Home

“Doesn’t having multiple sets of skills and client options sound a lot less risky than trusting it all to one employer.”

Edelman Berland carried out a survey in July 2015. The 34 percent population of the United States was working as freelancers which makes 53.7 million freelancers of Americans. The 60 percent of the freelancers reported an increment in their income than what they earned when working under an employer. 50 percent wouldn’t want to make it back to the traditional jobs. They were content with working as a freelancer and happy that they took this decision to change their lives.

83 percent of the freelancers involved in the survey believed that they are going to grow as freelancing has good scope for it. This static, little old, however, has importance because, in 2014, only forty-two percent reported that they find suitable options online while the number rose to fifty-one percent in 2015. Freelancing has been an increasing trend and increasing even faster in developing nations like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines, etc. That means now many English writers in America and Canada can deliver content overseas to developing countries.

Work from Home

freelance business meaning a better lifestyle, less work stress, and freedom. However, to be a very successful freelancer is a tricky thing. It needs special sets of abilities, no procrastinating attitude and some things every freelancer should keep in mind. You might get to learn them the hard way, but you’re and that tells me you’re ready to do some homework before you start. In this article I’m going to brief on the scope of freelancing, the jobs you can do as a freelancer, advantages of freelancing and finally tips to get your first clients. Let’s give you a head start!

Is Freelancing a Good Idea?

Freelance business Ideas

Want to know how to get started in freelance writing, how to legally start a freelance business or how to start freelancing with no experience read below. Freelancing beats traditional jobs in numerous ways. There are many kinds of freelance websites that help you in working freelance.

Firstly, working in a permanent job isn’t meant for everyone. Some of the reasons to quit a job can be because of a lack of flexibility, commitments, or working under someone. The office environment is very stressful and if you are under pressure of workloads it can be worse. Freelancing can save you from the corporate lifestyle if the latter is not right for you.

Now, secondly, freelancing offers the freedom your friends will always be tempted of. If you can manage to establish yourself in this field, think of the lifestyle it would offer. You get to choose what your workplace would be like. Do you want to work from your bedroom, your dining table, a park, or a nice library nearby? It is cool if you want to finish most of your work on Thursday to start your weekend early. I hope now you understanding freelancing. there are freelance job categories and best freelance jobs for students with the highest-paid freelance jobs.

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Working as a Freelancer

You are of the few who like to be in charge of their life. I can see that since you’re considering changing your job to a better one. Freelancing is even great for you because you’d have a lot of time and options to incorporate healthier and pleasant variety in your life while you’d have not been able to shape your life to your accord while working a permanent job as the kind of fix the outline of your routine.

Can I Do Freelance Work While Employed?

Yes, it is possible to work as a freelancer alongside your job. However, almost all of the companies don’t allow you to be employed somewhere else while working for them. But if you don’t sign up a contract or employment form as a freelancer with your clients, technically you’re not employed anywhere else, just doing some projects in your spare time. A lot of people start freelancing still working their permanent job. To freelance, while being employed, you need to make time for that in your weekdays and give your weekends away. You can give up your job when you think you can now earn regularly from freelancing.

Is Freelancing Right for Me?

If you want to freelance writing jobs or working online for beginners I’m assuming you’re not the one to lazy around all day and not every day you need a nudge to start working. Even if that is the case, a fix would be to work around a friend who inspires you to get stuff done.

Why Are You Interested in Freelancing?

Here are some good reasons you should be interested to start freelancing (work from home jobs):

  1. Working in a traditional job isn’t right for you. You might be uncomfortable with commitments, lack of flexibility, lack of freedom, etc. when it comes to a job.
  2. Freelancer has a larger scope to grow and it is closer to a business. You might be interested to make it big as a freelancer.
  3. You need to make time for your family, to enjoy life and travel, or anything that requires you to work remotely.
  4. You happen to be passionate about a hobby of yours and are working part-time to support your education or training, etc.
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Anyways, freelancing isn’t very hard. It’s not the easiest, too. Is it right for you? A better question would be if I’m ready to start freelancing or do I need to learn a few things before that? Because freelancing doesn’t require God’s gift. It does need discipline, independence, but that depends. For example, if you feel like you’re inconsistent it can be that you are just having a bad time or you hate your current job, or you hate your current work. Perhaps, you don’t like to work alone or whoever you’re working in your office. Probably you would find it that you get work done faster sitting near your mother or having your pet around you.

However, the freelancing does require you to stay updated. More knowledgeable persons have advantages in finding better freelancing opportunities.

What Kind of Freelance Work Can I Do?

The general answer to the question will be if you can work remotely doing some ‘X’ work and find clients online, you can do that as a freelancer. I’d list out some of the industries having a larger demand of freelancers though.

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Industries Requiring Freelancers:

  1. Graphic Design
  2. Writing involving copywriting, creative writing, content writing, proofreading, etc.
  3. Editing
  4. Journalism
  5. Bookkeeping & accounting
  6. Programming
  7. Fashion
  8. Painting & Drawing
  9. Photography

If your industry isn’t enlisted here, it’s time you do some research and consult someone experienced to get to know if it is possible to freelance in it.

How to Become a Freelancer Online?

Start with making your freelancing profile. To come across many opportunities online, you will need to be active online. A large number of options will enable you to select better-paying ones and will also eliminate the anxiety-stress factor related to low client opportunities. Here are the few steps you will need to follow to make an appealing presence online.

  1. Make a LinkedIn Profile
    LinkedIn is an application used mostly for connecting to freelancers. You’d find a large portion of the hiring companies has their profile made on LinkedIn.
  2. Make a Freelancing Website
    You can do it on a free website, on a blog, or buy a domain name for yourself. The point is to make a freelancing website for yourself where you display your skills, provide a little information for yourself, post some sample works, put on the minimum rates you charge if you want to, and create a page to showcase the client you’ve worked for in the past and snippets of the work you did for them as testimonials. Believe me, a nice well-laid website, loaded with your sample works is going to be an impressive thing in standing you out of the crowd.
  3. Create Freelancer Job Alert
    Find some of the widespread job search websites used in your region such as LinkedIn Jobs and Indeed. Make your profile on those websites or apps and turn on suitable job alerts for freelancer jobs.
  4. Upwork, Freelancer
    These two are some of the best websites to meet clients and get projects. Get started on these websites and start bidding. Follow the same steps here and fill in your profile and descriptions, provide sample work, and provide a link to your universal freelancer profile.
  5. Fill in Proper Details and Descriptions
    Your profile should be impressive, appealing and imply that you’re active. Don’t leave many info fields empty as this might indicate that you are not serious. Fill in a description that gets the most of clients getting to you to know more or at least opening your Website that you made to display your freelancing profile. Make it a point to promote your freelancing website everywhere. Display great sample works on that website and sent the clients from there to your mailbox.
  6. Get Mobile Apps for Freelancer Websites
    Whichever websites you’re using to help you freelance such as LinkedIn or job search websites, it would be a good thing to get an app for them on your smartphone. If you feel this may interfere with your freedom when you’re not working, make it a point to check them on your laptop every three hours on working days. Since you would be switching on your computer only when you are working, it would be just the trick to enable desktop notifications for those websites. You just need to be active to stop the chances of slipping away.

Tips to Start Freelancing

How do I start Freelancing?

Beginning to work as a freelancer is easy; it doesn’t even take two days to get started. In a week you would have got your first few clients and already got paid for some projects.

  1. Make a Freelancer Profile. I will recommend making yourself a freelancer website. Scroll up to read more about it.
  2. Sign Up on Freelancing and Freelance Jobs search websites and apps.
  3. Finish preparing some quality sample works.
  4. Start bidding on the projects you find suitable for you.
  5. Wait for the clients to get back to you. Meanwhile, go on preparing more sample works.
  6. All the while keeps making your freelancer profile or website stronger. Display the snippets of the works you do for your clients as testimonials.
  7. The key is to make an impressive online presence and big network that will help you establish yourself as a freelancer. Grow as a freelancer.

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