IPhone 9- Budget iPhone 2020

IPhone 9 is going to give a flagship performance in half the price.

It is a bigger display with less area for bezels.

A13 bionic is more powerful than any Snapdragon chipset used in Android Smartphones.

Apple is well established in the area of Flagships and it is a fact that the best of the expensive smartphones are iPhones. However, a large part of the population can’t afford the mobile phones loaded with the latest technology but cost more than a thousand dollars. The smartphone market in many countries like India and China is still centered around the cheap smartphones costing less than $300 and midrange flagship phones that cost around $600.

The OEM is planning to chop down the prices by half and provide the latest, if not the best, features in an attempt to add more users around the globe. Amidst the rumors of the company launching the next version of iPhone SE, we have now got a reliable source to disclose that Apple might go back in its numeric sequence of iPhones.

Why was there no iPhone 9?

Every I phone user is excited about What does the iPhone 9 look like or How much will an iPhone 9 cost? but the real question is that Is iPhone 9 coming out?

iPhone 8 and then iPhone X; there was no iPhone 9. Apple skipped a number to launch iPhone X directly to probably mark a new beginning.

iPhone 9 best new features


iPhone X Was a Revolution

Calling it a revolution wouldn’t be wrong; a lot changed with iPhone X. It was the time Apple decided to step into the world of bigger screens. iPhone worked really hard to bring out an unbeatable front camera that it called TrueDepth camera. One in the list of the exclusive features is the portrait mode which clicks selfies that beat the professional headshots. With a more vibrant 3D display, realistic picture camera and more powerful A12 Bionic chip, iPhone X was really a revolution.

Why is Apple Going Back in the Past?

The company would not want to disrupt the line of full display smartphones line up that features iPhone x, iPhone 11 Pro and the rumored iPhone 12. Making a more affordable smartphone means the expensive full displays aren’t an option without compromising on quality. And Apple tries to not compromise on the quality, in fact, it is popular for the quality gadgets that are good inside out.

iPhone 9 is an apt name since in many ways it is going to be the immediate successor to iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Body Retained

iPhone 9 is going to use iPhone’s 8 bodies. You can expect the same touch ID button below and a big bezel above the screen.

iPhone 8 Redesigned

However, what is going to be retained is only the body, everything else changes here. iPhone 8 featured a 4.7 inch LED screen that is kind of outdated for 2020. The screen is going to be bigger without enlarging the body, which means you can anticipate the taller displays at lower prices. iPhone 9 is essentially smaller than iPhone X.

9to5Mac cited Mac Otakara, a Japanese site saying the Company is working on an iPhone which is expected to bear a 5.4-inch screen and slimmer bezels. If the Face ID is going to replace the touch ID, it is going to be interesting to see how useful it is.

What Happens to Touch ID?

The sensor in the front of the screen is quite useful to authorize payments and approve login and unlocking the device. Firstly, it is more reliable than Face ID, and we can be quite carefree using the fingerprint for sensors, while security might be the reason some people are still entering passwords to authorize the transactions. Secondly, Face ID is a little time consuming in dark and limited by a factor of the camera and our body orientation.

It has been heard quite often that the beloved Touch ID that was wiped out from iPhone X and iPhone 11 is being brought back in iPhone 12 to coexist with the Face ID. In such conditions, it is going to be fun to see how the iPhone finds a midway between bigger screens with slimmer bezels and a quite conventional fingerprint sensor in the front.

Fingerprint Sensor on Side

It is now popular that the OEM is working on a type of fingerprint sensor that it has no plans to place on front or back either. It is going to sit on the side, probably like the volume button bar. But such technology can use the material and manufacturing process that is guaranteed so it is safer to assume that this revolutionary touch ID will be shown off in iPhones costing more than $1,000.

A Powerful iPhone 9

The best thing about iPhone 9 is its speed. It is way out of the league of iPhone 8 and the chip it is going to bear is even advanced than iPhone X. iPhone 9 is going to feature the same A13 bionic used by the latest iPhone 11 Pro. A13 bionic is powerful than any Snapdragon chip used in android smartphones and that can be Apple’s key to top the midrange flagship market in the world of Smartphones.

Best Midrange Flagship Smartphone 2020

Apple’s reputation, best ever Touch ID, Face ID, bigger display than iPhone 8, a petite size, and A13 Bionic chipset are the few things going to ensure iPhone 9 gets sold as soon as it is launched. After pulling out a powerful, high performing and loaded with rich exclusive features iPhone 11 that it is proud to call a pro in the expensive Flagship range, Apple is now aiming the midrange market.

Budget iPhones

It has been confirmed that the company is bringing out two models of iPhones that cost, half of the iPhone 11 Pro, $399 and $ 499. In addition to attracting new iPhone users in South Asia and countries where the Midrange market is very important, it is going to be a chance for users still stuck with iPhone 8 to upgrade their handsets.

iPhone 9 Release Date

The iPhone is going to be released in April 2020. Currently, Apple is working on three models of iPhones namely iPhone 9, iPhone SE2 and iPhone 12. While the rumors of iPhone SE2 is still to be confirmed, it is more probable that the company is going to launch the mid-range smartphones earlier this year. Apple is changing its launch trend. Instead of bringing out new models in September every year, it is now going to launch two generations of iPhone, one in each half of the year. iPhone 12 is anticipated to be the latter.

iPhone 9 Is Almost Here

Low Price, quality feature and Flagship performance. Apple’s product, A13 bionic and the iPhone still using iPhone 6. So Many Factors. This Smartphone is going to be sold out!

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