Motorola Razr 2020 – Release Date, Price and Specifications

Folding phones are back, years later, with folding screens now. While it’s unsure if the revival of Motorola Razr marked the departure of big screens folding phones, like Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X which are basically two phones laid over another, but it’s clearly a boon for light and small handset users. And it can fit your pocket anytime!

motorola razr review:
Moto Razr is super cool for users, only if it weren’t so expensive, it could have been a go-to handset in the dawn of folding screens. Carrying big gadgets everywhere is getting too old. Motorola Razr provides an option though it is flawed.

Let’s go through a quick review of this revolutionary metamorphosis and find out is it good for you to buy it and what can you expect from the new Razr.

Lenovo Motorola Revives the Razr

Motorola one action features

Chinese tech giant, who now owns Motorola, Lenovo, decided to build the folding design over the very popular original Razr launched back in 2004. It helped to its advantage, maybe that was the plan, and it didn’t hurt that people were already asking for folding phones doggy eyed.

pictures of the new motorola razr

Motorola launched Razr on November 13 at a festival in Los Angeles. The company claims to have made 24 prototypes before it settled on the final one, working hard to make a screen that can fold as well last.  Quite accordingly, the design and build of the new Razr are what that even project it to compete with other flagship models.

Eye-Catching Design

When you pick Motorola smartphones up, its portability might be the first thing you notice about it. When you flip it with your thumb, which is a little hard to do thanks to the solid build Motorola worked on, it folds open to reveal a 6.2″ display and a bulky chin that houses its fingerprint sensor and microphone.

Clamshell Shut

The sturdy bridge between the seemingly two parts but a single main display is something to boast of and Motorola proudly claims the honor. Actually, Moto Razr is the only one, of the few folding phones, who is so confident of its durability. While Samsung has even announced the approximate number of times you can open Galaxy Fold before it’s hinge starts facing problems, Motorola doesn’t think there are any practical limitations to its clamshell design.

motorola latest phone

The bridge at the hinge is designed to make room for the screen to fold open flatly and it serves its purpose well protecting the main screen when shut. When you close the handset, the upper half slides slightly down on the chin to help shut the phone properly.

Hands down to the skills!


The fingerprint sensor is always in the front. It’s a capacitive fingerprint sensor, quite useful for opening the device or approving the payments. Also, the chin is the main part to house the devices to make the phone hardware including the battery. The remaining part is only thick enough to hold the screen and the chipset.

Two Screens, One Phone

You’d see a quick view notification screen when the phone is shut. It’s the secondary screen of Motorola Razr useful to view the important notifications and take selfies.

motorola razr pictures

Opening it up gives you a 6.2″ main display featuring a big notch, but gratefully not much space above the screen. The chin is bulky and it gives Razr it’s signature look instead of disappointing and stores the battery. Isn’t a surprise now that Razr is very thin and it feels as good in your hands when opened as much when shut into a pocket-friendly size.

Optimized for Fluid Experience

What goes on your secondary screen automatically transfers to the main screen without a time lag. Like, if you get an email notification on your quick view display and click reply option there, there would be a compose email window ready and waiting for you when you open the full screen.

Motorola is working with developers to make it possible for a greater number of apps.

Main Display

The main screen is like any other modern smartphone display except it’s better. Razr unfolds to reveal a 6.2″ P-OLED display bearing a large notch. it’s foldable and high definition. 373 PPI pixel density means you can watch high-quality cinematic experience with sharp picture quality. The crease due to folding is almost invisible!

motorola razr original

Secondary Display

The secondary display is  2.7″ G-OLED, very useful for quick view functions like taking a selfie or viewing the notifications.

Without a doubt, Motorola’s display is incredible!

Performance Drags It Down

Performance is the dark side of this petite futuristic model. The phone features Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 while the latest flagship models bear Snapdragon 865. So this is where Razr lags flagship experience.

The old mid-range processor isn’t enough to ensure the bloat-free flagship performance. That’s a disappointment for sure but it has an unexpected advantage. Midrange processors are good for the battery. That is how Moto Razr operates in a battery of 2510 mAh. It works better than the mid-range smartphones in the market and gaming doesn’t face problems. Remember it guys, Snapdragon 710 was the best midrange chip available at the time of its development.

6GB RAM and 128 GB provide enough memory for the phone to operate and store your media and files. Galaxy fold comes with 12GB of temporary memory(RAM).

Moto Razr runs on Android 9 and its user interface is stock android.

The tablet-style main screen in other folding phones allows you to open many windows and multitask, but that is not what Motorola made Razr for.

So, I’d say Samsung Galaxy and Huawei Mate X provides a better experience when it comes to task operating capabilities. It doesn’t mean, however, that, Moto Razr isn’t for day to day use. In fact! that’s what Razr is for!

Performance is intermediate between best high-end midrange smartphones and flagship.

Efficient Use of Cameras

The selfie Camera and Rear Camera are the same! When shut, the 16 MP camera is in the front of the screen, allowing you to take stunning selfies through the standard rear camera. This camera converts into a rear camera when we open the main screen. A 5 MP front camera is above the screen.

motorola razr specs

Motorola Razr’s Camera is, again, enough for everyday use.


2510mAh might sound low, but there’s more to the story.

Galaxy fold brandishes a 4380mAh battery equipped by wireless charging and 2.0 quick charging. While the stylish Razr doesn’t have any of those luxuries, it’s shouldn’t be assumed that it doesn’t last long. Galaxy Fold is basically two full screens over each other meaning it has to power a much large display. In fact, without 5g connectivity and using a mid-range processor, Razr aims to optimize the battery to last longer.


Motorola doesn’t have sim slots. It uses eSIM only!

Probably for space optimization to make a light and easily portable phone, but Motorola doesn’t allow sim or headphone jack( Connect earphones via USB-C port). Using an eSIM necessarily limits the network carriers, reach and ultimately the number of users.

Moreover, Razr only allows connectivity up to LTE-A. It is not 5G Capable.

Moto Perks

While there are many ups and downs to the story, don’t miss the few perks here.

  • Moto Actions

  • Use simple actions such as chopping and twisting as gestures to make everything fast.
  • Photo Storage

  • Moto allows unlimited cloud storage for photos. They are automatically backed up and you can use them on any device.
  • Google Lens

  • Razr comes with a smart camera you can use for Google Lens. It lets you search the stuff by clicking a picture of them or recognizing the text in a picture and using it to do things fast.
  • Auto Smile

  • It’ll automatically snap a picture when you smile. Another hit of nostalgia with Moto Razr!


motorola razr pre order

Moto Razr is a durable folding phone presenting a pioneered design. It is splash-proof as it has a water-resistant nanolayer coating. Durability gets better with the polycarbonate covering the back panel. Regarding the material and design, Motorola Razr is a solid build.

Razr is available only in one color- dusk black.

In the Box

You get a wired headset, a USB C charger, an accessory case, also usable as a carry case for the phone or the speaker stand, and user manuals.

Value For the Money

Should you buy it?

To be honest, it’s not the best deal. While we cannot compare and can’t say if it’s the best holding phone, as Moto Razr and Galaxy Fold have different designs totally and serve different purposes, Galaxy Fold is a big-screen model folding phone while Razr aims to fold a full-screen standard size phone into half and generate the smartphone back when you need to. On the other hand, Galaxy Fold generates a tablet.

If all you get is a high-end smartphone, is it worth paying $1500 for? It is the cheapest folding phone but yet expensive with its midrange performance and few limitations.

Well, there are many who love the design of Moto Razr and the idea that it folds is simply empowering against iPhones at the same price or other flagship phones which have better performance and features but weigh a lot.

You can’t do everything on this exclusive phone, but if it suits your needs your gonna love it!

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