How do I set up Netgear Wifi Extender


Using a WiFi extender is a good idea to solve the problem of poor internet connection in some areas of your house or workplace. Netgear extender is easy to set up, let’s see how to do it.

Netgear WiFi Extender Setup

When setting up Netgear extender, it is recommended to place the extender and WiFi router nearby. If you’re using an ethernet connection, you can use an ethernet cable.

Setup your Wifi Extender

Step 1: Connecting to the same internet network.

  • Connect your Wifi extender to a power outlet nearby.
  • Press the Power LED button until it is green.
  • Now you’ve to connect your extender to the Wifi enabled device such as your computer which you can do in two ways.
  • Connect to the device using an ethernet cable via an ethernet port if you’re using a wired internet connection.
  • Otherwise, go to the WiFi connection manager on your WiFi-connected device and search for NETGEAR_EXT. Connect to this network.

Step 2: SETUP Netgear  Extender

  • Open a browser on the mentioned device.
  • Go to
  • Somewhere you should see NEW EXTENDER SETUP. Click or tap on it.
  • You’ll be asked to enter various credentials, create an account if you hadn’t already.
  • Set the access point to Extender. The access points could also be written as Extender Switch.
  • Choose the WiFi network you want to extend. When asked for a password(passphrase), enter the same as of your WiFi router.
  • Now you get to set the SSID, which is the network name, and the password for a device to connect to your extender.
  • You can choose a different SSID and password or use the One WiFi Name thing to use the same network name and password for your extender.
  • Now connect the device you’ve connected to WiFi to the WiFi Extender network we set up just now.
  • Once you’re sure it’s done, you’ll be taken to registration, which you can skip unless you want to use Netgear Telephone Support.
netgear wifi extender setup without wps

Your WiFi Extender is Set Up and ready to rock.

Step 3: Using the WiFi Network Extender for poor internet places:

  • You’ll have to find an electrical outlet where you want to use the extender.
  • For efficient connectivity, I recommend halfway through the distance between the bad internet area and WiFi router.
  • Connect to the power outlet and turn the power button light green. That indicates it’s on.
  • Now we are going to take the help of Router Link LED light for finding the best spot.
  • Start from halfway, and move it closer if the light isn’t bright green or amber.
  • The red light indicates you have to move it more closely.
  • Once done, connect your device and enjoy the internet.

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