This Page Can’t Load Google Maps Correctly

Gone are the days when Google lets you use Google Maps on your site without API. It’s been a while now though, 22nd of June 2016, when Google changed its policies, now you’re required to use an API.

This isn’t much difficult, however, because you can get a free API key from Google Developers Website.

This Page Can't Load Google Maps Correctly


Javascript API Key

The API key, if you’re not aware yet, is a type of identifier that is unique and utilized to authenticate the requests related to projects mainly for billing purposes and usage.

Be aware, though, that the free API key got from Google developer’s website only allows 25,000 map loads per day.

If you’ve already an API, replace YOUR_API_KEY by that one.

Get an API

Follow these steps to get a free API

  • Navigate to Google Cloud Platform. on your browser.
  • Choose the project you want to add an API to. If you want to create a project too, you can do it now.
  • On the menu, you’ll find API and Services.
  • Go to Credentials, then API key. Get your new API key.

Now after you have created your API key, I recommend you restrict it before using it.

Restricting API Key

There is a limit to the API keys and it is good to filter the traffic for the best outputs. To restrict such as only desired requests are made through your API key, select the restrictions to websites, servers or mobile apps.

Limiting to the applications or software isn’t all. Next, you should limit the use of your API to related SDKs or APIs. In this way requests related to the approved APIs and SDKs through your API key will pass, others will fail.

API Key Restriction

  • API key restriction can be done from the same platform we just used to create API.
  • Select the concerned API key and click on the restrict and rename your API.
  • Now restrict your API.
  • After you’ve customized your API, you can use it now and don’t worry, it’ll work just fine with Google Maps on your page.

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